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Getting Started With Loan Prospector

Sign Up for Loan Prospector

Signing up for Loan Prospector is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply complete our online sign-up process and you can be up and running in no time at all.

New Customer Welcome Center

In our Welcome Center, you'll find quick reference tools to help you get up and running in no time at all, including:

  • Step-by-Step Instructions – check out this short step-by-step guide on using Loan Prospector.
  • Online Quick References – use these handy tips to get more from Loan Prospector.

You'll also find training options designed especially for new users.

Need Help?

Freddie Mac provides the highest level of customer support. Feel free to call our Customer Service Call Center for one-on-one assistance.

  • Lenders call: (800) FREDDIE [(800) 373-3343].
  • Brokers call: (888) LP ON WEB [(888) 576-6932]

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