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Verified LOS Vendors

Thousands of mortgage lenders and third-party originators (TPOs) are already using Loan Prospector, which supports multiple origination channels – retail, wholesale, consumer direct, flexible integration options – browser-based or system-to-system and the latest data, networking and security authentication technology.

Loan Prospector is internet-based and can be accessed two ways:

Access Method Details
Via your LOS 'system-to-system'
(For approved Freddie Mac Seller/Servicers only)
With this access method, you will enter loan data into your loan origination system (LOS). Your LOS will send the data to Loan Prospector for assessment, then return results to you through your LOS.
Via a browser There are two ways to use Loan Prospector via the browser access method:
  • Direct – Type in the URL and enter your loan data directly into
  • LOS – Enter loan data into your LOS. Your LOS will launch your browser to where you then import your loan data.


We also offer a Lender-to-Consumer option, designed for use on your consumer-facing website, that integrates Loan Prospector with your business processes. This option is available for approved Freddie Mac Seller/Servicers and TPOs. Freddie Mac verified several vendors with a lender to consumer interface.

Below, you'll find a list of verified LOS vendors, the access method, and the Loan Prospector version their product supports. We have updated the verified LOS vendor table to include the versions of Loan Prospector to help you:

  • Determine the version of Loan Prospector interface you are using
  • Track the latest product versions available by the LOS vendors

Check out the Loan Prospector access methods at a glance to find out which features are offered in each version of Loan Prospector.

If your LOS vendor is not listed here, please contact them directly for information on the timing and availability of their Loan Prospector interface. Note: The 'system-to-system' access method is available only to approved Freddie Mac Seller/Servicers.

If you're not sure which access method you're currently using, or which option is best for you, please contact your Loan Prospector representative or Loan Prospector Customer Service. Vendors
Company and
Contact Information
Product & Version (as listed or higher than listed) Product supports this version of Loan Prospector Access Method
ASC, Inc.
Version 2.4, 2.5
System-to-System 4.2.02
Blueberry Systems, Inc.
Relay 2.0 System-to-System 4.2.01
Byte Software
BytePro 5.0 System-to-System 4.2.02
Browser 4.2.02
Calyx Software
Point Version 7.3 Browser 4.2.02
HomeBridge Interface Version 2.5.6 for ARTA Lending
Browser 4.2.01
Enterprise Gateway
Version 2.0
System-to-System 4.2.02
CoreLogic Dorado
Version 5.1 and 5.2
System-to-System 4.2.01
Creative Thinking, Inc.
Creative Visions
Browser 4.2.01
Version 9.01
Lender-to-Consumer 4.2.01
Direct Mortgage Corporation

Browser 4.2.02

System-to-System 4.1
D+H Mortgagebot
Enterprise POS
Enterprise POS version 8.04
Enterprise LOS 8.0
Enterprise LOS version 10.0
Lender-to-Consumer 3.0
System-to-System 4.2.02
System-to-System 4.2.02
Browser 4.2.02
LOS-Plus Mortgage System-to-System 4.2.01
Ellie Mae, Inc.
Encompass 3.5 Browser 4.2.01
Loan Producer
Version 4.30
System-to-System 4.2.02
Loan Portal
Version 4.1
System-to-System 4.1
EasyLender® EasyAccess Version 7.0

UniFi® PRO
Version 5.2

COP Version 4.3
System-to-System 4.2.02

System-to-System 4.2.02

System-to-System 4.2.01
GOLDTrak® PC Version 11.4.1 System-to-System 4.2.02
Harland Financial Solutions

E3 Connect 2.9 SR4

LaserPro, v11.4.3

System-to-System 4.2.02

System-to-System 4.2.

IBM Lender Business Process Services
Impact 1, v8.1.1.13 System-to-System 4.2.02
Infinite Corporation
Version 6.0
System-to-System 4.2.01
Integra Software Systems
System-to-System 4.2.02
Browser 4.2.01
Version v.6.13.c
TMO 15.8.12
Diamond 2.08.6
Browser 4.2.01/System-to-System 4.2.01
System-to-System 4.2.02
System-to-System 4.2.01
LendersLogicVersion 2.0 Lender-to-Consumer 2.0
Lender Processing Services
Empower for Client Server
Version 31.09.03Empower for Net Version 34.1 and 33.5
System-to-System 4.2.02
LendingSpace, Inc.
LendingSpace Origination Platform (LSOP) System-to-System 4.1
MeridianLink, Inc
LoansPQ 3.0
Lender's Office
Price My Loan
System-to-System 4.2.02
Browser 4.2.01
Browser 4.2.01
Mortgage Builder Software
Mortgage Builder
Version 3.9
System-to-System 4.2.02
Mortgage Cadence
Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator
System-to-System 4.2
Mortgage Computer
Version 8.0
Browser 4.2.02
MortgageFlex Systems, Inc.
LoanQuest Versions 2005 and 2009 System-to-System 4.2.02
OpenClose Loan Origination Software
LenderAssist Version 159 System-to-System 4.2.02
Open Solutions Inc.
Mortgage Management System
Version 5.01.00
Browser 4.2.01
PC Lender
InHouse Mortgage
Version 5.5.1

Browser 4.2.02
System to System 4.2.02

Lender-to-Consumer 2.0
Pipeline Mortgage Technology
Pipeline Solutions
Version 5.8
Browser 3.1
Prime Alliance Solutions, Inc.
Lending Suite
System-to-System 4.2.02
S1 Mortgage Lending v6.0 System-to-System 4.2.02
SaM Solutions
Engage LOS System-to-System 4.2.02
Version 3.0
System-to-System 4.2.02
Wipro Gallager Solutions
Version 3.2
Browser 4.2.02
System-to-System 4.2.02
Wolters Kluwer Financial Services
ComplianceOne version 2.0 System-to-System 4.1
XetusOne System-to-System 4.2

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