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Beginning June 1, 2015, Loan Prospector is free for all new loan submissions. For more information, read our Single-Family News Center article.

Loan Prospector’s July 19 Release Streamlines Assets and Reserves Requirements
April 15, 2015 – We're updating Loan Prospector® on July 19, 2015, to help streamline your underwriting process. These changes were announced in Single-Family Seller/Servicer Guide (Guide) Bulletin 2015-4.

Keep track of Loan Prospector enhancements with the latest Loan Prospector At-A-Glance document.

REMINDER: It's important you create your online user profile, if you haven't already. Click here to get started. For more information, read our Single-Family News Center article.


Training on Loan Prospector
Time (EST)
Upcoming Training Courses
07/06/15 2:00PM Loan Quality Advisor: Introduction and Overview
07/09/15 2:00PM Freddie Mac Relief Refinance Mortgage
07/10/15 11:00AM What's New with Loan Prospector
07/13/15 2:00PM Loan Prospector Functionality
07/14/15 1:00PM Underwriting Income and Employment
07/15/15 2:00PM Condominium Projects Eligibility Requirements
07/21/15 2:00PM Loan Prospector Feedback Results
- Web Event - Workshop
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